Sunday, December 19, 2004


Here it is,

--Video Two (Right Click to Save) 45MB QuickTime .mov Format


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Posted by Gorky - at 12:00 AM



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This video ownes. The halo warthog timing, the phat beats, the insanely high awe striking fantastic jumps just made this so good. Machinema effects used like in Red vs Blue, the A2 productions logo at the end, effects, ect. A2 even mannaged to get the warthog to jump almost acros the entire level... insane

1:00 AM
Blogger Jimmy said...

when are we doing the call of duty thing? is that going to be A2's second project, or is it exclusively halo?

1:02 AM
Blogger Gorky said...

Again with the reading problems?

--Well, at least your spelling is better this time. If you look down on the right, you'll notice that under the "Upcoming Events" there is a line deciated to our Call of Duty machinima "War -> Hell", which has been prewritten for and is being tested right now. It is expected to come out in the summer, when Drew and I have more time on our hands.


1:08 AM
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