Saturday, December 18, 2004

Video Two - Midnight - Be There


--The entirety of Video Two (45MB) will be up at midnight tonight, but for now there's the Teaser (6MB). The links are in the sidebar at the bottom, as well as a list of upcoming items you wont want to miss.

--The videos are in QuickTime .mov format, for the purpose of versatility. If you don't have QuickTime, you can get the latest version for free by clicking here. Also, if your not satified with the low-resolution version of Video Two, I will provide the HiRes video (about 110MB) via email request at

--I'd like to point out here that the layout of the comments (pull-down) is meant for a purpose similar to a forum, as in you can post questions for Drew, me, or other viewers. I hope you are enjoying this blog as much as I am, if not more.

--Now, what exactly is Video Two? Video Two was the second video Drew and I made for a P(oint)O(f)I(nterest) Project for our physics class. The first video, with cool music and hilarious commentary explained certain forces using a grenade and a warthog. The second video was our bust-out video, a tribute to warthog-jump if you will. We multiplied the force on the jeep times about 10, and showed what would happen...

--Video One is being released later than Video Two because Drew and I "spoke it" during the project presentation. We need to record the dialogue so you can hear it as well as add an intro sequence for our project introduction, for which there was no video behind to distract the audience. While the Second Video contains no commentary, it is still funny, but I will let you find out why for yourself.


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Posted by Gorky - at 2:18 AM



Blogger Jimmy said...

Because of my inside connections with A2 productions, i saw the highly anticipated video 2 already and it was sweet. If any of you guys have seen the video "warthog jump" it gets schooled buy this.

1:30 PM
Blogger Gorky said...

Oh yeah,

--Yes, Jimmy is our maid/gardener for any of you who don't know. We caught him peeking through the windows when he was supposed to be watering the Begonias, and decided to show him the film. He didn't understand it much as he is an illegal immigrant and can't speak english very well. Does a great lawn though...


6:29 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Definitely looks promising, can't wait to see the full version

8:20 PM
Blogger Jimmy said...

wtf... did you see my first sentence in that comment, prepositional phrase. No non-english speeking gardener uses that type of intellect.

12:52 AM
Blogger Gorky said...

When Jimmy,

--I see your english classes are going well. You're taking them at de Anza, right? Ask your teacher about the long 'e' words and how they should be spelled. I'm not sure you're learning enough in that category. You know, words such as 'eat', 'meat', and "speak". I hope you will continue to profess in your studies, as well as get your Visa sometime soon. Immigration can be pretty b*****y this time of year.

--Also, where are you accessing the internet from these days? I know both the Los Altos and Mountain View Libraries have banned you from their facilities for downloading pictures of chihuahuas in sombreros onto their reference computers. I hope your not getting into more trouble; I know you think their cute, but it's not worth a night in jail. I don't have any more money for bail as I am spending it all on hosting and developing our various projects.


1:08 AM
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