Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Music Man

Hello again,

--First off, some site updates. I fixed that line below each post, so now instead of the comments appearing below it after being pulled down and "bleeding" into the next post, the bar will contain the comments as well. I also gave the sidebar a much needed reorganizing, bringing the downloads from the bottom to the top of the list. Just in case you were interested.

--Second, I have a confession to make. Jimmy is not our gardener (see comments below). I hope that's not too much of a shock (wink). James, as is his common name, is a very good friend who deserves a shout-out. He is a whiz on the computer, but that's nothing compared to his musical talent. He can play and compose just about any kind of music. I should record him improvising on the guitar, sax, or piano and post it because a gift like his deserves recognition. On top of all that, James is going to be a big part of A-Squared's "War->Hell" Machinima, which will undergo heavy production over the summer.


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