Saturday, January 08, 2005

Video One Teaser

Howdy y'all,

--I just added the link to download the teaser to Video One of the POI Project. It's a much higher resolution and is twice the screen size than the other two files. I was able to achieve this by switching both the video and audio encoders to Mpeg4. If you have trouble viewing it, just follow the link in the sidebar under "Related Sites" to get the newest version of QuickTime FREE from Apple. We hope you enjoy it.


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Posted by Gorky - at 11:33 PM



Blogger Labradoodle said...

I saw your audio clip in your profile. I don't mean to be rude, but I think it was inadequate. I prefer it to be interesting, and actually have a point. I am sorry, but that's my opinion. Have a inadequate day.

11:35 AM
Blogger Gorky said...

Thank you for your opinion...

I think somewhere on this blog I have made it clear that the sound file that you can hear via my profile is my friend and me testing a microphone and the effect one would get by recording through a phone. We wanted to reproduce the effect a helmet-radio would have on a voice for our POI Project. You can also hear it at when our logo is shown in a video, as it has become part of our 'signature', so to speak. Perhaps you have a suggestion for us? I am always open to new ideas.


9:16 PM
Blogger Gorky said...

You'll full version of the above comment at

9:45 PM

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