Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Vacuum POI

Just when you thought it was safe to return to the blog,

--Last weekend Drew and I built a cannon out of a vacuum that currently fires stakes, and will soon shoot a magazine of ping-pong/golf balls.

--Our current endeavor is mounting it in a computer case over the fan intake holes. We've been cutting and drilling apart the case and all we need to do is mount the vacuum base in the case and bolt it down without marring the appearance of the case.

Here are some pictures:

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--Here is a video of the very first test firing to see if it would actually fire a lawn stake (QuickTime 1.15MB .mov Format - Right-Click to 'Save-As') Since then we've boosted the power exponentially by 1) raising the primary intake off the ground (duh) and 2) opening up two more intakes.

--Late (very late) that night/morning, after we were done, we started cutting into a cardboard box we were using to store the scrap from the vacuum. Pretty soon, I had a new logo for A-Squared and Drew had cut a nose and a mouth into one side. As we were bored and slightly over the edge from all the fine (erhem) cutting, drilling, and machining work we were doing, we decided to take our emotions out on the face--and video tape how we did so. I will soon put up the products of this event for you to see yourself, but for now I'll just say, it's hilarious. Maybe not your garden variety hilarious, but more like the carnal, animalistic hilarious that eats away at the back of your mind seeking an exit. No, just me? C'mon Drew back me up on th--Drew?

--Either way, stay tuned for the videos, and have a great day.

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