Monday, March 07, 2005

Fifth And Final

Long week ahead,

--So why not start it with a bit of fun? The last Doctor Video is now available and is a whopping 26.7 MBs! Not only is it a montage of extra stuff from the Doctor Series shooting, but also a collection of stills and clips from our Vacuum POI project all mixed together with three or four songs mixed in. As with the rest of the Doctor Vids, this is a standard WMV file (if anyone needs Mpeg, email us at and we'll be happy to convert it for you).

--As you may notice, the link is not in the sidebar along with the rest of the series. This four and a half minute video is available to A2LERT subscribers ONLY via, a free file sending site that hosts files for download through a link sent to your email address. There are several reasons for this: 1) The video is rather large (genetics), making it hard to host for both you and ourselves. 2) Due to the fact that the video provides clear images of not only ourselves but my girlfriend, we would like to ensure that the video stays within a tighter, more secure group of indivduals. 3) We like our A2LERT subscribers and want to thank them for their support. 4) As of now, the only people who really view/care about this are on the subscriber list anyway (it's kind of sad, we know).

--We hope you have enjoyed the other videos and that this one is just as well recieved.

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