Wednesday, March 16, 2005

They've Broken teh Code!

First of all, read this.

4pp423n71y, \/\/3 933x [!'m 4 47.75% 4((02d!n9 70 933k73$7] 423 p30p13z 70 83 ph3423d. ! d0n7 n0 480u7 j00, 8v7 !'/\/\ 914d ph02 73h 23(09n!7!0n. \/\/007 ! $4yz! !'11 p\/\/nz02z 4ny n008-4$$ p423n7z \/\/h0 \/\/4n7 70 74k3 4\/\/4y /\/\y (v17v23.

ph02 ! 4/\/\ 31337!

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Posted by Gorky - at 10:49 PM



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